Free XBL showcase for TGS, X06

Both shows to be streamed down Xbox Live Marketplace, during free nine-day period

Microsoft will bring its announcements at this week's Tokyo Games Show and next week's X06 event in Barcelona direct to your living rooms, via Xbox Live Marketplace. Where you will be able to learn, among other things, about a mysterious "Never before announced major franchise making its way onto Xbox Live Arcade". Oooh....

Microsoft is repeating the format it pioneered at this year's E3, by giving Xbox Live aficionados the chance to access highlights from press briefings, daily updates and behind-the-scenes video from both shows. All of which will be available for free: Xbox Live's charges will be waived between September 20 and 29 (essentially, Xbox Live Silver membership will be upgraded to Gold for the period). The content, however, will be removed on September 30.

Microsoft adds that over 100 pieces of downloadable content will be made available over the period, including videos of Xbox 360 titles such as Call of Duty 3, Forza Motorsport 2, Kane & Lynch, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom and Project Sylpheed. Both TGS and X06 should see some major announcements from Microsoft, with the company desperate to woo a completely uninterested Japanese market and eager to capitalise on the PlayStation 3's absence from Europe this Christmas.