Red Steel unsheathed in fresh Wii screenshots

Ubi's Wii sword-slasher sharpens-up in four all-new screenshots

Fresh from Nintendo's European Wii bash we've got four new Red Steel shots showing off Ubisoft's sword-slasher, which is looking even better than when we last saw it at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Past play impressions have painted a promising picture for the Wii-waving shooter, which lets you swing katana swords at yakuza gang bosses, as well as blast their henchman modern-style with an arsenal of guns and explosives. Thankfully, Ubi have also addressed the previously 'fixed' sword controls, which now emulate your every gesture, leaving you free to look like even more of a prat in front of the telly.

Red Steel launches alongside the Wii on December 8.