Rayman returns with a twist

New gameplay details revealed inside

Yes we know you all hate Rayman, but he's back and looking to endear himself to gamers who have long preferred their platformers with camp, moustachioed plumbers rather than a limbless French creature.

Developer Michel Ansel has gone about doing this by creating a story 'far from complex storytelling', so that the game takes clichéd videogame conventions and injects some fun into them, with Rayman having to save the world and his girlfriend and the girlfriend of his old enemy, and his old enemy too.

Details on the title's gameplay mechanic similarly exploit this fun dynamic, with Rayman moving beyond his trademark punching to take advantage of the idiotic rabbits to stop their invasion by hypnotising them with disco music. Makes sense to us. If you can dance in rhythm with the music, the rabbits will stupidly follow suite and you'll be able to take control of them. With different rabbits having different abilities, expect some good old fashioned Abe's Oddysey-style possession fun as you experiment with each ones particular strengths.

Hit the link above for the full preview.