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Xbox Rayman swept under rug

Evil bunnies up to no good as Raving Rabbids says 'hop it' to Xbox

Rayman Raving Rabbids appears to have been quietly canned on Bill's original black box

'But', you cry ' the game's never been confirmed for Microsoft's old-gen console!' Well, officially, that's true, Ubisoft only setting in stone PC, PS2, Wii, GBA and DS versions for a late 2006 release in an announcement earlier this month. However, CVG knows that as recently as last month the publisher confirmed that an Xbox version of Rayman Raving Rabbids existed.

Speaking to Ubisoft earlier about the title on Xbox, it was simply sticking to the announcement made on September 5 that Raving Rabbids is 100-percent confirmed for PC, PS2, Wii, GBA and DS platforms. We can only assume that the publisher decided an Xbox version just wouldn't perform as the console gradually heading southward.

Well, either that or there's conspiracy been cooked up by evil bunnies to ensure Rayman Raving Rabbids doesn't appear on the MS platform. An Xbox 360 Raving Rabbids is expected, although Ubisoft remained coy when queried about this version. We reckon we won't see that until 2007, but we'll wait patiently for further news...