FFXII gets closer to Europe

Square Enix goes out on a limb with "early 2007"...

Final Fantasy XII has been out since March in its home country, and is due for release this October 31 in the US... with Europe suspiciously left off any release schedule from the Japanese giant.

Until now that is, as Square Enix has finally confirmed that the English language version will finally be adventuring across the Atlantic for an early 2007 release.

John Yamamoto, President and CEO of Square Enix commented "we are very excited to be bringing FFXII to Europe and PAL territories next year. The game has been a massive success in Japan and looks set to become one of the crowning glories of PlayStation 2."

Obviously 'early 2007' is still quite vague, but at least the long-awaited RPG is now 100% confirmed to hit these shores. No details were given whether we would get the US Collector's Edition although we are keeping our fingers crossed given Square's past tendency to reward European gamers for dramatic delays, with Final Fantasy X receiving tweaks before it landed in Europe.