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Viva Piñata: smashing new video

Rare's crazy piñata garden game explained

We've been dazed and confused ever since we first saw Rare's bizarre garden game, Viva Piñata, but thankfully a new TGS video has gone some length in explaining things, as well as showing off the gorgeous visuals in what Microsoft is calling 'the biggest Xbox 360 game this year' - it's already Gears of War in our book.

In the game you're tasked with building a garden to attract a variety of piñata species, and then customise and house them to keep them in your digs. You'll also be able to invite people over to your garden via Xbox Live and swap piñatas to complete your collection - a bit like Animal Crossing but with paper maché donkeys instead of bedside lamps.

Viva Piñata is due out this Christmas. We're off to make our own Piñata and fill it with assorted press discs.