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Scarface: The World is Yours

Say hello to our little hands-on as we become the ultimate gangster Tony F***ing Montana

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This game is all about respect. You'll stumble across other gangsters on the street that will often tell you to eff off if you're in their territory. The extra confident ones will come over to confront you. If you hit B at this moment you'll enter an 'Intimidate' mode, which tasks you to stop a raising power bar at the right moment, like a power bar in a golf game. Stop it too low or too high and Tony will stumble, then the dude and his mates will start shooting you. But hit the sweet spot and Tony will see the guy off with words in a way only Tony Montana could - with lots of F words and crude alternative names for human genitalia. It's highly amusing.


Of course, you're Tony Montana - you could have just blasted a hole in the mouthy git the moment he stepped up to you. But such actions against other gang members will raise a little thing called Gang Heat, which is like a police wanted mechanic, only instead of the boys in blue chasing you, it'll be boys in bandanas or balaclavas. A few punks with guns doesn't scare Tony Montana, but it does make business hard considering that if you piss off all the gangs in the town you'll have no one to sell drugs to, so you have to keep them sweet.

That's right, you have to sell the 'yeyo'. Loads of it. We know - the PC-conscious reading this will probably be thinking this game couldn't go any lower, but it's a SCARFACE game, guys. Scarface without drugs would be like Halo without sticky grenades - just plain wrong. You've got to build yourself back up to being the crime lord of the city. That takes much more than just nicking a few cars and doing some drive-bys like in GTA. The game gets you thinking about reputation, business and power. After the crazy shoot out you start the rebuilding process by getting in touch with a few of your main contacts, and swearing with them a bit.

Your first mission on the street has you pulling off a massive heist, taking on an entire building full of gun-wielding gangsters, and a helicopter with guns - alone. What? That's no problem for Tony. You need a f***ing army to kill Tony Montana, as fans of the film will know. Once you've got the cash and you purchase your mansion back from the Vice (dodgy cops), you've got to start sorting out business on the streets.


You purchase a bulk of drugs, then proceed to roam the streets, selling drugs to small-time dealers who pay far more for the yeyo than you did. Soon you make massive profits. As your bank balance grows, you can deal in larger amounts of drugs and deal with some more serious drug-pushers. There's quite a lot of hard graft involved but it all pays off when you start to see six-figure bank balances and can start thinking about splashing the cash. Now you can buy shops and other small businesses around town, slowly taking Miami territory back as your own. This is also when you really start being Tony Montana - doing things for the status, and the reputation.

Reputation plays a massive part in the game. The game quantifies your reputation with points that you're awarded for your achievements in the underworld business, like buying a new section of turf or taking a rival gang to war and winning. But the game also uses these points to emphasize the Montana way of thinking. People respecta man with a flash car, a boathouse, a giant cigar cupboard in his office and a tiger roaming his back yard.

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