Scarface: The World is Yours

Say hello to our little hands-on as we become the ultimate gangster Tony F***ing Montana

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You can also blow cash on recruiting henchmen to perform certain jobs for you, which really makes you feel like the boss. Hire a driver and you can get Tony at any time to whip out his mobile phone and call the driver to demand he delivers the car to your right f***king now, mayn'. A few seconds after the call, the driver appears in the car - there's no running around the streets looking for a decent car to nick in this game, because you're Tony Montana.You can hire a similar guy to deliver your boat for you when you're down at the pier, too. Now that's power.

Also among the selection of henchmen is an assassin, who you will need to perform certain jobs. You know Tony has a strict moral code against hurting innocent people (point your gun at an innocent person in the game and he'll automatically stop shooting and verbally refuse to kill them). So if Tony needs something doing that might get a bit messy, he can hire an assassin to do it for him. After you make the call, you control the assassin and perform your duties without moral restrictions.


But whether you're playing as Tony or the assassin, if you cause a ruckus on the streets you'll draw the attention of the police and that's bad. Each time you do something illegal, from stealing a car to shooting or running people over, your Cop Heat will rise. When police catch up with you, the amount of pressure they'll put on you will depend on your Cop Heat. If your Cop Heat is fairly low, a patrol unit won't shoot at you but will simply give chase and ask you to pull over. Do so and he'll walk up to the side of your car demanding you get out.

But don't forget you're Tony Montana, so you have a choice here. You can floor it and run, but that will raise your Heat further. Or you can get out, have a quiet word with the cop and cool him down with a small bribe. The risk there is that if you fail the bribe (represented by the same power bar-stopping challenge used for intimidating gangsters), you're getting banged up instantly, which loses the money and drugs you have on your person. Succeed and the cop will let you walk away from the scene. But if you've really angered the Feds and your Cop Heat gets too high, you're not given this option. Cops will shoot at you on sight and multiple patrol cars will chase you relentlessly, which inevitably leads to you seeing the, You F*****d Up message in the game over screen. To avoid this situation you have to make sure you pay the Vice to lower your Cop Heat whenever it gets too high - expensive but essential. That's what makes Scarface cool - there are so many different strands to it that all come together to make you feel like you're living the lifestyle of Tony Montana.

Things like Cop and Gang Heat, to reputation and Balls points work to complete the gangster experience and are original to this game - unlike these GTA clones that basically do nothing new. Yes, this is a city-roaming gangster game but it goes to great lengths to take you much deeper into the underworld lifestyle than giving you a gun and letting you kill people and steal stuff.


What we've seen of Scarface so far has been fun and missions have been varied. It's crucial that the later half of the game maintains the fresh feel and doesn't get too repetitive. All will be known when we get our hands on the full game for review.

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