Scarface: The World is Yours

Say hello to our little hands-on as we become the ultimate gangster Tony F***ing Montana

TONY MONTANA is the f***ing man. He is the ultimate gangster. Everyone who's seen the film (which should be everyone) knows that. He's greedy, arrogant and has mental issues (to say the least). We know he's an unpleasant chap but yet we can't help but like him. That's why this game will succeed.

You don't control a videogame character that physically resembles Montana. In this game you ARE Montana. It recreates the character perfectly in so many ways - the whole Montana persona. What if Tony Montana had survived the shoot out at the end of the film? He'd be pretty pissed, right? That's what this game supposes. He's one angry mofo and he wants everything he had back... NOW. This is one no-messing game and most certainly not for the kids. If you thought GTA was gaming for grown ups, wait until you get out on the streets with Our Tony.


That polygonal man on the screen behaves like Montana, not just in cut scenes but in every situation - even in hectic shoot-outs. A gang of men come running at you with guns. You yank the trigger and Tony leans back arrogantly as he takes aim and blasts a few dozen hot bullets into the delicate flesh of the hostiles. The blood flies and bodies fall like dead flies, then you slam the B button to prompt Tony to shout a taunt: How do you like that, huh? You f***ing cock-a-roaches'. It's brutal, it's foul-mouthed, and it's morally incorrect on so many levels, but it's just so darn good. You've blasted enemies to death in plenty of other games (if you're a proper Xbox gamer), and it was fun, but you didn't have the voice of Tony Montana (or a voice that sounds EXACTLY like him) shouting the F-word for you after the frag. Trust us, it makes all the difference.

But you're not restricted to using the Taunt feature to post-kill situations. You can press the button at any time and Tony will have something to say, and its context sensitivity is surprisingly well done. If you're walking in the road and a car whizzes past, bumping Tony on the way, you can tap the B and Tony will direct his flame-talk at the driver. If some dude's giving you eye as you stroll around, hit B and Tony will tell him where to go.

Maybe nothing in particular is going on but you just want to hear Tony say some bad words - a tap of the button will have him ranting on about Sosa (the drug lord who ordered the attack on Tony's mansion, as you already know, right?). You can even have full-blown conversations with the Miami hotties, as Tony cracks some of the most unsubtle chat-up lines we've ever heard. We know what you might be thinking - games with film-influenced soundbites get tedious as they start to repeat. This doesn't. To start with, there is an astonishing amount of speech in this game. The DVD it's stored on must be packed with vocal filth. And secondly, c'mon guys, it's Tony Montana swearing in his Cuban ascent. The boy in you ensures that never gets boring.


Brilliantly though, you don't feel like a child for pressing the 'Swear like a street drinker' button at every given opportunity because there are actual gameplay merits to it in the form of Balls points. Every time Tony gives it all the mouth he is awarded Balls points, which fill a meter on the bottom-right of the screen. When it's full Tony can go into Blind Rage mode and boy, if you think Tony is pretty pissed at the best of times, you haven't seen anything yet.

Blind Rage is a move you'll be using at times of desperation - your health is low and goons have you surrounded. In most games, this would be a good time to run. But this is Tony F***ing Montana we're talking about. He runs from NOBODY. You activate Blind Rage and for a few seconds the game switches to a first-person view. Suddenly you're invincible, and with infinite ammo you can go berserk, blasting holes into everyone around you while Tony automatically shouts a constant barrageof swear words and profound insults. You will frown and squeeze the trigger harder because it gets you that pumped. The visceral feel you get from it is awesome. You feel like Tony F***ing Montana, with all the laid back arrogance and sense of invincibility, and like you're better than everyone else and they should respect you.

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