Infinite Undiscovery revealed for 360

Epic RPG from the team behind Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile - "true evolution" of RPGs promised

If there's one thing Xbox 360 needs in Japan it's top quality RPGs. If there's one thing Xbox 360 outside of Japan, it's top quality RPGs - we love 'em too, eh? So with over ten years of RPG experience under his belt, producer Yoshiharu Gotanda will lead the charge for Xbox 360 in Japan.

Almost nothing at all was revealed about the title at the recent Tokyo Game Show apart from the fact that we're due to see it sometime in 2007.

The Japanese press blurp included classics like "various situations unfold", "a grand story" and "unknown discoveries." We don't know about you but we're still non-the-wiser about what tri-Ace has planned but we're getting more and more curious.

Two screens have surfaced in the post-TGS aftermath that you can see on this very page. It's a single-player game only with options to join mates over Xbox Live still unconfirmed. We'll keep you posted.