F.E.A.R. storms Xbox Live

Vivendi's splendid shooter enters the XBL fray

F.E.A.R. has always been one of our fave shooters here on CVG, combining intense shooty action, superior horror shocks and some splendid slo-mo FPS melee combat. And with the game soon set to make a debut on Xbox 360, Microsoft fans now have a chance to sample a slice of the action with a brand new demo which has just debuted on Xbox Live.

The 360 outing promises to bring all the thrills of the PC version to console players, and it also contains additional single- and multiplayer content as an even bigger bonus for F.E.A.R. fans.

Further details on the game, plus forthcoming PC Expansion F.E.A.R. Extraction Point, can be found on the official site What is, but 360 fans are simply advised to hit XBL, download and enjoy.