Resi 5 exclusive denied

Rumours from Japan that Resi 5 will be 360 exclusive have been shot down by Capcom

Word from Japan had suggested that Resident Evil 5 will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for a year but that's not the case, Capcom tells us this morning...

"Resident Evil 5 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 as announced. There a no plans for an exclusive with the game", a spokesperson from the company told us.

They went on to add that it's still very early days for the sequel, which means, unfortunately, it's likely to be some considerable time before anything of the project is seen outside of Capcom HQ.

Anticipation surrounding Resi 5 is GARGANTUAN thanks to Capcom's incredible reinvention of the series with Resident Evil 4. We will, of course, bring you further news on Resident Evil 5 as and when we get it.