Mizuguchi talks Rez 2

Sequel to cult-classic shooter hinted, in exclusive interview with CVG

The always snappily-dressed Tetsuya Mizuguchi has hinted that a sequel to cult-classic shooter, Rez is in the works, in a recent interview with CVG.

When asked by our hotshot reporter whether Rez fans should expect a sequel to the PS2 and Dreamcast music-shooter any-time soon, Mizuguchi-san said: "I'm just thinking about that. I don't know if this is a Rez sequel or not, but that kind of synesthesia concept, I'm feeling that we needed to make those kind of things; new things with the new technology."

He continued: "I remember we had a big frustration 5-or-6 years ago when I made Rez; I wanted to do impossible things, limited because of technology. " "Now we have 5.1/7.1 music and we can look at the game console as a music audio-visual synthesiser and the performance is very high. Next, what kind of imagination could be possible to make that next experience? I'm just thinking about that."

So no confirmation then, but certainly a tease. But before you go and cry underneath your bed sheets and contemplate what could be, check out our full interview with Mizuguchi-San - where he also talks about his block-busting puzzle Sequel, Lumines II - by clicking here.