Capcom reaffirms multi-platform Resi 5

Producer tells CVG Resi 5 "remains on course for release on both platforms"

Capcom has reaffirmed its multi-platform position on Resident Evil 5, with Producer Masachika Kawata telling CVG: "Resident Evil 5 has been announced for Xbox 360 and PS3 and remains on course for release on both platforms."

Speculation has been rampant over the last 48 hours that, at Microsoft's X06 event in Spain which kicks off today, it will be announced that the hotly anticipated survival horror sequel will have a year lead on Xbox 360 over PS3.

However, comments from Capcom's European arm yesterday, today's response from Resi 5's producer and further word from Capcom's European arm this morning that there's no chance of a year-long exclusive for Xbox 360 being announced at X06 hose down speculation fires with a huge torrent of water.