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18 new GTA: Vice City shots

Rockstar's next handheld GTA excites in latest screenshots - quad bikes and Jet Skis included

Rockstar has released a handful of new Vice City Stories screenshots - 18 to be exact - showing off the quad bike, helicopter and water sport mischief you'll probably be upto on a train somewhere in about a month's time.

Also divulged this morning is the Empire Building mode, which basically has you attacking and overtaking properties owned by rival gangs. After successfully attacking and wrecking a rival business, it will eventually go up for sale allowing you to set up your own digs from six different business types, including protection rackets and loan sharking. Rival gangs will also try their luck at taking the business back from time to time; so adding your own tooled-up henchman is a necessity.

Sounds good to us. Look out for Vice City Stories in the shops on November 3.