Double Agent: Choose life

Sam Fisher faced with moral dilemma in new trailer from the latest Splinter Cell

Terrified hostages have been forced at gunpoint to kneel in front of a wall by bad guys wielding assault rifles, and it appears certain it's about to be game over for innocents. Pistol in hand and crouching in a hidden position, you've got a clear shot on the baddies, but do you want to get involved in a war that isn't yours and step outside mission parameters and blow your cover?

Well, that's the dilemma Sam Fisher faces in a new trailer showcasing the 'moral' dynamic that Ubisoft has included in the latest Splinter Cell game, Double Agent. It's a dynamic that promises to introduce a new emotional element and a new angle on proceedings for the series - our hero finds himself having to make difficult choices as he works both the good and bad side of the fence during an operation that involves infiltrating a vicious terrorist group.