Destroy All Humans! 2

Aliens, laser guns and a whole lot of dead hippies

ALL SEEMED to be going brilliantly for alien superstar, Crypto. After causing utter chaos in the 50s, he managed to become President of the United States and he even had a new mojo (knob) surgically fitted to his pelvis. Nice work. Like Tony Montana, he had the money, the power and the women. Until the Russians blew the crap out of his mother ship. Now he's one pissed alien dude again, and Destroy All Humans! 2 is where you'll be seeing him wig out... big time.

We've been keeping a close eye on DAH! 2 for some time now. In all honesty, it doesn't look or feel all that dissimilar to the original, but that's not particularly a bad thing because we thoroughly enjoyed the first game. Instead of changing the formula, the sequel will be expanding on everything you already love about it. OXM regulars will already know that this time Crypto will be causing mayhem in the swinging 60s - the era of hippies, flower power and happy herbal smokes. Only there will be no summer of love because Crypto, with his array of awesome alien weapons and taste for destruction, is going to kill everyone and smash the world to pieces. That's why we love it.


Although causing utter mayhem is something we've always loved about DAH!, it's the bodysnatching mechanic that we really like in the sequel. If an alien sprints around city streets brandishing a massive laser gun, he's bound to attract some attention. You can do this if you want, but the police will come after you, and if you fight them off it won't be long before the FBI, and then the military are on your back. So stealth is the answer. Absorb yourself into the mind of a human and law enforcement will race right past you, none the wiser.

It won't give you much of a disguise, though - if someone sees you make the snatch, it's because they know you're inside the human and run off to alert the authorities. To get over this, you have to use a funky psychic power called Free Love, which makes everyone around you forget what they've seen, and start dancing. It's almost like they've all smoked a few phatties. Bodysnatching isn't just used to hide from police, but also serves to help you complete various tasks, too.

In the level we played, we had to ask an all-knowing hippy some questions about the KGB attack, but he won't give you answers unless you're disguised as a hippy yourself. In another mission, we had to collect some valuable alien data cells that had shot down from space and landed in different areas of the city. But each landing point was being guarded by the military, so we had to run away, commandeer the body of a police officer, then return to be allowed entry to the restricted area without hassle. It's only when we try to leave with the data cell that they realise what's going on and get all moody about it, but by then we're long gone. You can even use the body of a police officer to call back to the police HQ and lower the state of alert, which is a pretty neat feature.Keeping the heat on yourself as low as possible is a priority when you're carrying out your missions, which were mostly of an investigative nature in the levels we've seen so far. Pox, alien mastermind and your mentor, will tell you what the agenda is for the day. Obviously, investigating the attack on your ship and sudden appearance of KGB all over the city is the main objective, but you soon find links between the KGB and some hippy organisation that's spreading a mind-washing substance called Revelade through the population. So you posses a hippy body and make your way down to the park where there's a festival happening. Using your mind-reading skills, you can get information from people without them ever knowing, and that's how you carry out investigations. Nice.

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