X06: Live at last in Portugal

They didn't have it already!?

Amongst the deluge of Xbox treats from Microsoft's X06 kick off in Barcelona last night came this tiny little snippet that nearly snuck by without notice... from November 2, Microsoft will make Xbox Live available in Portugal, bringing the total number of European countries to 15.

As well as the service itself, Portuguese gamers will be able to enjoy the full range of Xbox Live accessories, from the wireless headset to the new Xbox Live Vision camera.

"Xbox Live has already captured the imagination of gamers all over the world, with more than three million members and counting part of the Live community," stated Richard Teversham, EMEA Director of Marketing for the Xbox. "Now, gamers in Portugal can jump in to the Live community and reap all the benefits of Xbox Live quickly and easily."

With the English and Portuguese on Live together at last, expect some intense World Cup rematches Pro Evo-style.