Gran Turismo HD

Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi takes us on an in-depth tour of the PS3 racer

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KY: The first one is the track you see on the demo, based on Mount Eiger in Switzerland and Germany. As for the other one, the only hint we can give you is that it is on the continent of North America.

The online aspect of the game will bring you a steady revenue stream, but do you worry about a backlash from people whose children are spending too much on objects in the game or who feel they haven't bought a complete game?

KY: In the past, when gaming was based only a packaged business, the business model was simple. But the shift to online opens doors to many possibilities, to which there is no single correct answer. Nobody knows what will happen, and it's important for us to stress that our main focus is not revenue-generation via the online business model. We're looking at all the opportunities.


In the past I explained a concept called GT4 Kids - this was a game based on the GT4 franchise for kids to enjoy. My idea has still stayed with me, and I hope that when GT HD's online experience allows for youngsters to participate for a certain level for free, so they can experience what is available.

What cars do you own, and what are your favourite track and racing formula?

KY: I own a Ford GT, a Nissan 350Z, a Honda S2000, an AMG SL55 and a Porsche GT3. The Nurburgring is my favourite track and Formula One has to be my favourite.

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