Better Battlefield

"We're going to look hard at how we can make better games," says senior producer Marcus Nilsson

"We need a quality launch, a quality service, good communication - to make sure that the feedback is listened to, dealt with and communicated", says Battlefield 2142 senior producer Marcus Nilsson, outlining key factors behind making the latest title in the BF series the most successful yet.

"It's not just about getting the game 'out there' anymore - it's about how we organise ourselves around the game," he's further explained in an interview posted today on CVG.

In addition to discussing the importance of factors 'outside the box', if you will, Nilsson has obviously bigged up the game itself. He's described it as "even more immersive" than Battlefield 2, and explained how the vehicle focus of BF1942 and infantry focus of BF2 are being merged to deliver an experience that is "much more varied" than that offered by previous Battlefield games.

"Battlefield was the first game that could integrate infantry and vehicles into a really good online experience - and given that there are going to be more Battlefield products, we're going to look hard at how we can make better games," Nilsson also revealed in the interview. Hit the above link for the full monty.