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INTERVIEW: CVG sits down with lead designer Cliff Blezinsky to talk about Epic's monster 360 shooter

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Blezinsky: Realism doesn't necessary mean fun. The Active Reload came out of the desire to take passive gameplay and make it active. When I'm reloading I'm just looking the screen. But I know soldiers practice reloading their guns on a regular basis. In the heat of battle that's the difference between life and death. The best thing about Active Reloading is that when you mess up, you blame yourself. You don't blame the game.

There's also a reason why that little meter is a off to the side and not in the centre of the screen; if it was in the middle it would get annoying, and you'd also get way too good at it too quickly. I was a little bit worried because some of the testers who have been playing the game can now hit every single Active Reload with every single weapon perfectly, and I know people will get to that point too. So we had to figure out balancing for that, as well as scaling enemy health and other small tweaks. But for some games, realism means moving around at an extremely slow rate or having to stop and eat, but I don't think you'll ever see Marcus bust out a cheeseburger in the middle of the battlefield. It's not his style. So we've added realism when it can actually make the game more fun.

On a separate note, if the game were to become a movie, who would you see playing the characters?

Blezinsky: I think it's important to be careful with the whole game-to-movie thing because I think a lot of game designers have this Hollywood envy where they don't believe they've made it unless their game has been turned into a movie. I love movies but I believe I'm working in the most exciting sector of the entertainment industry. So if there's a movie of GoW - cool. I'll look forward to possibly making more GoW games, and let someone else worry about that. Truth be told, if there were to be somebody for Marcus I think someone like Clive Owen would be cool.

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