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Team Fortress 2: New info breaks cover

New medic and mini-mission system hinted for Valve's loving return to flag capture

Half-Life daddy, Valve, has dropped more hints and details on its forthcoming Team Fortress sequel TF2, which will launch alongside Gordon Freeman's next episode in Q1 2007.


In our preview - which is now residing in the CVG topbox - TF co-creator Robin Walker and engineer Charlie Brown divulge initial details of the Commander mode - a Battlefield-esque feature that was first mooted in the original '99 TF2 announcement, and just might make its way into the Source-powered update. "We want to try something that's not Commander mode but still deliver its advantages," says Walker.

"In a 30-minute experience you don't want to have one goal of 'win the game', and then half an hour later you know whether you achieved it or not. We want to carve that half-hour experience up into little things, into mini-goals. Like 'someone needs to take out that sentry gun!', 'someone needs to take out that heavy!', 'we've got two guys coming in someone needs to be ready!' It's far more rewarding to achieve 30 things throughout a 30-minute experience"

So is a Quake Wars-style mini-mission system on the cards? Quite possibly. The dev duo also reveal in the preview changes on the cards for some of the classes in TF2, including heavy tweaking for the medic who has been "thoroughly gutted and redesigned and will no longer be able to spread disease as he once did." (That's our favourite tactic out the window then)

You can check out the full preview right here. Stay tuned for an extended interview with the TF2 developer very soon.