Wii Ethernet Kit coming

Don't have wireless internet? Don't worry; Nintendo's Ethernet Kit will get you online in no time

Nintendo revealed to CVG today that it will release an Ethernet Kit for Wii, which allows users to connect the console to a standard internet router without wireless support.

It's undoubtedly good news after concerns that the lack of an Ethernet port on the Wii meant that the console could only connect to the internet via wireless link-up.

For people without a wireless-enabled router, this would mean purchasing a new router or the almost non-existent Nintendo WiFi Connector (that USB dongle thingy). But with the Ethernet Kit available, non-wireless gamers have nothing to worry about.

Those of you who connect your DS to the internet with the Nintendo WiFi Connector can use the same device to connect the Wii. And most wireless routers will also be compatible with the Wii's built-in WiFi technology. So everyone should be online with Wii. Bring on Mario Kart!