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Codemasters fires Wii Heatseeker

Aerial combat "extravaganza" takes to the skies for Wii, PSP and PS2. First screens inside

Codemasters has announced Heatseeker, an aerial combat game firing afterburners on Wii, PSP and PS2 in early 2007.

Strapping you into the cockpit of modern-day and near-future fighter jets, the title's very much an arcade experience with the publisher promising plenty of explosive destruction.

"If you like fast and furious action, and blowing everything in sight to bits, then Heatseeker is a dream come true. Expect the greatest military aircraft armed to the teeth with the latest hardware, big explosions, great smoke trails, and gung-ho heroics", enthused Heatseeker's senior producer Andrew Wensley.


Apparently, when wannabe fighter aces - you - takes to the skies, they'll face off against "a seemingly-impossible amount of airborne enemies" and be trying to prove aerial combat skills cut the mustard as they combat in the US, the Caribbean, across Antarctica and into the Far East.

Plus, beans have been spilled on the game's Impact Cam, which allows players to follow loosed missiles 'home' and observe the results of a strike from numerous angles.

Codemasters is developing Heatseeker in collaboration with IR Gurus, which brought us air combat game Heroes of the Pacific.

Speaking about the game, Ben Palmer, exec producer at Gurus, said, "The Heroes air combat engine is being advanced and getting armed to the teeth with the latest military hardware. It's set in a realistic now-time world, that's cohesive and believable, but the speed of play will feel like lightening".