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Call of Duty 3

Treyarch will blow you away with the most intense, realistic war game ever released on Xbox...

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There'll be situations, just like the 'real thing' when ammo will be non-existant and you'll have to fight hand to hand against an opponent. We've done it, and it's horrible, heart-pounding stuff. Odd, considering how brutal the rest of the game is that we were most shocked at killing a man while looking into his (rather well-rendered) eyes. The 'without a gun' game mechanic goes well beyond just throttling Nazis though. We'll have to construct make-shift explosives, plant bombs, lay trip-wires... the whole shebang. Often, as we're promised by the dev team, this will involve being in direct sight of the enemy or out in the open at the very least. 'Expect to die' really should be the motto.


As for the multiplayer maps themselves, each is inspired directly by the Normandy Breakout. There are ruined French villages packed with perfect sniping points, or vast gorges straddled by crumbling bridges, but if you don't work as a team, you're as good as dead anyway. It's a real testament to Treyarch that it has built upon the strengths already in place and come up trumps with a fresh, innovative slant on the whole 'war game' genre.

Call of Duty 3's a confident, ball-busting title that combines all out warfare with the more subtle, intricate arts of the battlefield. We wouldn't be surprised to see this hailed as the 'last great game on Xbox'.

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