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Battlefield 2142 demo deployed

Titan mode up for grabs in freshly-released demo of EA' latest multiplayer blaster

EA has released a playable demo of its upcoming sci-fi edition of Battlefield, 2142 which is due on PC later this month.

The demo weighs in at a hefty 1106MB and features the Sidi Power Plant map, which is playable in both up to 64-player Conquest mode and the much touted Titan mode, which has two teams fighting to blow-up eachother's hulking mothership, via either direct assault or simple land-blasting.

You can download the demo over on the official Battlefield website, and more information can be found via our wide selection of goodies on the right.

While we're at it, you can find the world exclusive review of EA's latest tank and Mech orgy in the pages of PC ZONE issue 174, which lands in news agents with a thump this Thursday.

Battlefield 2142 is out on October 20.