New FM 2007 site hits back of the net

New 2007 season Football Manager site goes live with a whole bunch of footy insider goodness

After a pitifully piss-poor showing from England and all the home nations (bar Scotland) on the weekend, all legitimate footy fans will be looking for some small consolation before another mighty swallow from the cup of bitterness and despair this Wednesday, when our plucky lads/overpaid multi-millionaires do battle/are humiliated once again by the minnows of outer Europe.

And fortunately the virtual world of football comes to the rescue again with the launch of a brand new Football Manager web site from those managerial geniuses over at SI Games.

Herein you'll be able to get a complete breakdown on all versions of this year's forthcoming managerial maestro, including PC, PSP and 360 versions, read SI blogs and insider development features, find out what FM predicts for the real footballing season and even discover what life's really like inside SI's mighty North London footballing fortress.

Essential reading if you're any kind of footy fan and a welcome taster before your entire life disappears into FM once again.