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Medieval II demo debut

Huge demo love for Creative's impressive looking medieval warrior

The Creative Assembly's splendiferous forthcoming medieval romp, erm, Medieval II Total War, has been given some weighty demo love this morning with a whopping great 500-odd meg download allowing you to sample a trial version of the game.

Contained therein you'll find a tutorial which guides you through the battle of Hastings with a chance to conquer the kingdom by defeating the last Saxon King Harold, or conversely if you fancy rewriting history, defeat William the Conqueror and free the realm from a thousand years of Norman tyranny.

You'll also get some welcome tasters of the battles from the later period by commanding the Hapsburgs or French at the battle of Pavia or a chance to stick two fingers up at the French as you command the massed English longbowmen at the rout at Agincourt.

Medieval II Total War is set to march to the beat of the war drum on November 6 and take it from us, it's set to be hotter than a pair of armoured trousers after the 100 Years War. You can find the demo at all the usual suspects including here.