The voice of Sam Fisher

Video interview with the legend that is Michael Ironside, who's been the voice of Fisher from the start. UPDATED: Parts two and three (exclusive to CVG) now available

Splinter Cell fans will be well aware that Michael Ironside, the actor who's starred in the likes of Starship Troopers and Top Gun, provides the voice for Sam Fisher.

On CVG today, the man himself can be found discussing the role in a video interview viewable by hitting our media player on the right of the page. UPDATED: Part two of the five-part interview is now available for viewing, along with part three exclusively on CVG!

Kicking of with an anecdote about how he was recognised on a plane by a Splinter Cell fan, Mr. Ironside goes on to speak about development of the Sam Fisher character and his own influence on that development. "They've allowed me to play a lot of the lines and a lot of the scenarios to accommodate me and my sensitivity towards the character", he explains.