Counter-Strike pricing beta open

Valve unleashes new pricing system for Counter-Strike: Source - AK-47 shoots to $30,000

Valve has opened a new beta for its disgustingly popular Source-powered shooter Counter-Strike: Source, demonstrating its new-fangled Dynamic Weapon Pricing system. Access to the beta is available via Steam.

The system was announced a few weeks ago and effectively changes the prices of weapons and equipment each week, based on which items are popular and which are gathering dust in the old Counter-Strike buy menu. By way of further explanation, Valve has launched a 'Counter-Strike Market' to demonstrate how prices could change after a week's CS: Source action.

Going by the user comments in our last article, initial feedback to the system has been controversial, one CVG reader saying: "I think that they should stop fiddling with the best on-line game. Everything works so well because it's so simple," while another, slightly angrier reader said, "This is idiotic, it's bad enough when you lose and suddenly become hideously outgunned by the winning side the next round."

What do you think of Valve's funny money now that you can sample it first-hand? Let us know in the comments section below.