Phantasy Star beta hits XBL Marketplace

Sega's latest online Phantasy Star now available for free download on Live

We're all prepping our Claims Direct forms this morning, as Sega makes us fall out of our wheelie-chairs with the reveal of the Phantasy Star Universe beta, available for free download now on Xbox Live.

In case you missed the last instalment, Phantasy Star Universe is an online co-op adventure where six-man squads go around blasting at various nasties in a real-time combat setup.

This time around there's also a single-player adventure with over 40 hours of promised gameplay - although we're assuming the solo mode isn't in this beta, but we'll have to get back to you on that one after we've managed to rig it up ourselves.

The beta version will be available for download until October 15, and playable until the 18th of the same month. Additionally, Sega says the Guadian license - which will unlock all of the online shenanigans in the game - will be available for £6.99 from November 24.

Look for our Phantasy Star Universe impressions very soon - we're already preparing to sprint to the 360.