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Live Arcade: Most Wanted!

The ultimate list of games we want to see on Microsoft's 360 download service

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Killer Instinct
Nominated by: Mike Jackson, Nintendo Channel Editor, CVG
Originally release on: Super NES
Best bit: Pulling 47-hit combo with the big-chested B. Orchid.

Why we want to see it: Owning Killer Instinct when it hit the Super NES back in 1994 made me the coolest kid in school. It may not command the universal respect that the Street Fighter series receives, but it's hip, hard-hitting style, insane combos, cool characters and neat soundtrack makes it one of my old Rare favourites.

Likelihood: Killer instinct fans have been crying out for a decent sequel for over a decade, and Rare have in the past been rumoured to be working on one. We don't know if the rumours hold any truth, but a Live Arcade appearance for the Twycross dev only makes sense.

As always, if you have any more suggestions for our list or simply want call us names, pay a visit to the comments section below.

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