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DOAX2: Butt Battles

Hands-on impressions of DOAX2's mini-games. Our favourite's Butt Battles, a "competitive conflict of perfect posteriors"

The original Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball was a little bit light on mini-games. There was basically the Pool Hopping event and that was it. But Tecmo has dug deep for the 360 sequel though. Here's what was unlocked and playable in the recent X06 build:

  • Marine Race (short)
  • Marine Race (medium)
  • Marine Race (long)
  • Pool Hopping
  • Beach Flags
  • Tug Of War
  • Butt Battles

By far the most pervy was Butt Battles, which Tecmo describes as "a competitive conflict of perfect posteriors." We've played it and it's mental - absolutely off it's head.

Two DOA girls stand bum-to-bum on an inflatable in the middle of a pool and attempt to push the other one off by banging their bums into each other. It's like something from classic TV show, It's A Knockout!

All you need to use is the left thumb stick, which controls your butt bangs by flicking the stick towards your opponent. Move it away from your opponent and your chosen honey will push her belly out, avoiding an attack. It a bit like what you do when someone 'funny' wraps up a wet towel and ties to whip you on the ass. The trick is to dodge an attack, and then hit back straight away or anticipate what your opponent will do and when.

There's some comedy use of the camera too as all it focuses on is the rear ends. Each game is the best of three rounds and there are plenty of different bikini and thong bottoms to ogle over.

Other modes revealed in the recent X06 build included a Virtual Pictorial, which from what we could tell was just hundreds of softcore snaps of the girls in various locations and positions (!). The Marine Races are basically Jet-Ski races against the clock that vary in length. They're not Wave Race either...

Beach Flags is simply a race to grab a flag stuck into the sand. Both girls lie belly-down on the sand. When you get the green light you have to hammer the A button and than hit B to make a dive for the flag. Finally, Tug Of War does exactly what it says on the tin.

There's no European release date yet for Dead Or Alive: Xtreme 2 but we've rustled up a few shots featuring the above mini-games, which we may or may not have posted before.