COD dated - Xbox version canned?

Activision's WWII shooter targets 360 first, followed by PS2, Wii and PS3. But there's no mention of the Xbox version...

November is looking like a busy month for 360 shooter fans. The carnage kicks off on Xbox 360 first on November 10, with Gears Of War and Rainbow 6: Vegas following only weeks later.

The PS2 version is due on November 24 and World War Wii launches on December 1, a week before Nintendo's next-gen system goes in sale in Europe. The PS3 version is currently set for next March.

Interestingly there's a distinct lack of ANY release date for the Xbox version, which was seen up and running only a few weeks ago at an Activision event in Paris.

We know that because we were there. We've put a call into Activision to see it the Xbox version has been quietly canned, but no one was available to comment.