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It looks as though it will be down to Microsoft to sort out this unholy mess - game saves can be locked to an individual console (Perfect Dark Zero and Dead or Alive 4 do this), game doubling would simply require a bit more effort put into the game to check for other versions on the player's profile, but this still leaves the problem of 'loaning' your profile to someone else to do the Achievements for you. This could also be solved relatively easily, says Fixell. "Make it a requirement to enter your credit card number when recovering your account. My guess is that people would shy away from giving this information to strangers."

Aside from clearing up the dishonesty, in terms of how to make the system work better, our Xbox 360 über-gamers have a number of useful tips for Microsoft and developers. "I have one simple message," says Furydog. "That is, make the Achievements part of natural gameplay."

"Don't abuse Gamerscore," warns Fixell. "Don't make Achievements that will take thousands of hours to obtain - no one likes them. And don't make Achievements for playing X number of online games. If your game is fun - it will get played."

DJHUNTERD agrees with that point. "Yes. Be a little more creative in giving them out. It seems lately that they are all about beating the game on each difficulty level, requiring multiple play-throughs. Also I would like to see some more Easter egg Achievements. Stuff the developers want you to see, but you have to meet certain requirements in order to get."

As you can see from the side-panels, sports games are currently the number one target for an easy thousand-points' worth of Gamerscore and this must improve. "I would especially like to see better Achievements in that type of game," notes Crash 27. "NCAA 07 did a good job of theirs, but others like NBA 2K6 have made them way too short and easy. I would also like to see the back of Achievements that are about reaching top ranks online - unless they have a regularly scheduled reset of the respective leaderboards."

And in terms of improvements to Xbox Live itself, the overwhelming request is Party Chat. "We need four-way voicechat," says N0va360. "PLEASE ENABLE A MULTICHAT FEATURE!" screams DJHUNTERD. "Party chat would be GREAT," says BK THE KING. "A bigger hard disk for the system would be a nice touch, too." The elite have spoken...

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