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Lumines is Live!

Highly-addictive PSP puzzler now available on Xbox Live Arcade

Just when we thought the growing pile of games on our desks couldn't get any worse, the Arcade version of Mizuguchi's seminal puzzler, Lumines Live! has just fallen onto Xbox Live. Or at least it will do, when the servers come back up.

The puzzle game costs 1200 Microsoft points to purchase (about 10 GBP), and offers classic and time attack modes, online vs. play and 12 different skins for you to block-bust through.

In addition there's also an "advance pack" available for 600 Microsoft points (5 GBP), which gets you a further 22 skins, one of which probably has Madonna in it - but that's just our own speculation.

Microsoft also revealed today that we can expect to see Contra, Gyruss, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mutant Storm Empire, Small Arms and others on Xbox Live Arcade in the next few weeks, although we won't be able to afford any of them because we would've already spent all our money on Lumines Live!

We're off to keep vidual in front of the Xbox 360, until Xbox Live comes back online.