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Battlefield 2142

Is this really the best Battlefield yet? DICE's vision of futuristic warfare dissected in our definitive review

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Battlefield 2142's character system almost in the realm of 'RPG-lite'. OK, so it's hardly going to start attracting the World Of Warcraft players, but it's nudging the genre in exactly the right direction. Battlefield 2142 isn't the sequel many were hoping for. If you prefer the solitude of modern warfare, you might prefer to stick with the old version; but the gaming elite, the clan members and team players
of the Internet should usher in the new with enthusiasm. It's certainly not going
to supersede the increasingly popular Battlefield 2, as most of its merits are
merely held over from its predecessor, but nevertheless it's a brilliant evolution of one of the greatest online shooters ever made. And it's got giant walking tanks.

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The verdict


  • Titan mode is superb
  • DICE have nailed the style
  • Great new class system
  • Doesn't move things on a whole lot from Battlefield 2
  • Relentlessly team-focused
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