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Bring it back!

10 PC gaming addicts pick out their greats that they demand to see receive the sequel treatment

There have been numerous fantastic games and series released for the PC platform over the years that we're dying to see sequels too or in, but to write about them all would reduce our fingers to bloody stumps. So what we've done is picked out ten of our favourites and listed them below. Obviously you may agree with our choices or have your own opinions on which games should get the sequel treatment - once you've viewed our selections, the floor is open to you to discuss the greats you reckon should get follow-ups in the comments field accessible at the bottom of the page...

Nominated by: Graham Smith, Disc Editor, PC Gamer (UK)

Best bit: Exploring the beautiful city of Lost Heaven. Why we want to see it: Mafia took the free-roaming structure of a Grand Theft Auto city and wove a compelling, linear narrative within it. But despite a moralist fable to rival anything by Scorsese and acting on a par with what Half-Life 2 would do three years later, Mafia was critically lauded then quickly forgotten. A sequel is needed not only so we can return to the beautiful streets of Lost Heaven, but so that people will once again remember the glory of the original. Likelihood: Possible. There have been rumours for years and Illusion Softworks are known for developing multiple titles simultaneously.

Nominated by: John Houlihan, Editor: Development, CVG

Elite - David Braben and Ian Bell's seminal space fighting trading sim - only appeared on the PC in a couple of official versions, so it might seem a curious thing to say bring Elite back on PC. But there's one single and utterly compelling reason why, and that's because all the best MMORPGs are on PC and that's the way we'd hope Elite would be revived and re-imagined for the 2000s.

Picture it: a complete Elite MMORPG universe to explore, with a wealth of new ships, sumptuous graphics, planets any Commander Jamieson could touch down on, space station bars where you can hang out with fellow space jocks, dynamically generated missions, planets to own, colonise or conquer, capital ships and mass universe shattering events with huge Thargoid invasions requiring hundreds or even thousands of Cobra Mark 10s to repel . Please, someone, just make it happen.

Nominated by: Andy Robison, Xbox Channel Editor and PC gaming nut, CVG

One of the first of its kind, Diablo spawned its own genre by putting more action into RPGs. Sporting Blizzard's typically excellent production values, Diablo's randomly generated dungeons packed a ton of replayability, with well-designed monsters, a crazy amount of upgradeable weapons and armour and manic RSI-inducting battles that had us mashing our mouse buttons like a bunch of sugar-rushing mentalists.

Blizzard recently went on record saying that it will be making a major game announcement in 2007. Could it be Diablo 3? We're hoping for an even deeper experience in the next instalment, perhaps pushing the online features that helped make the last game so popular a little further - especially after the incredible success of WoW.

Nominated by: Dan Grill, Reviews Editor, Xbox 360 - The Official Xbox Magazine (he also likes PC games)

Few series have brought together advances in modern technology, grimly difficult gameplay and reasonable, if depressing, predictions about the future in such a way as the Syndicate series. It took a complex science fiction premise and made it fun in a hundred different ways. In both Syndicate games - Syndicate and sequel Syndicate Wars - you controlled a team of heavily armed cyborgs who you upgraded (and replaced) as the missions went along. Research of new weapons was key to surviving the game, especially in the legendary final mission of Syndicate itself.

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