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Destroy All Humans! 2

Illegal aliens with crazy lasers... sound familiar?

Crypto the angry alien is back once again, ready to wreak havoc on the human race. It's the swinging 60s and with all the happy hippies around, love is in the air. Not for long though - it's time to kill the love.

The first game, in case you missed it, saw Crypto running around open environments, blasting the crap out of everything. His mission was to kill and harvest human brains for their DNA (it's a long story). After completely OWNING the human race with his kick-ass alien weapons, he used human disguises to trick his way into The White House, and become president of the United States. Yes, it was bonkers, but it was fun.


Things were peaceful for a while, until the Russians decided to blow up Crypto's mothership with a nuclear missile. Now Crypto's really pissed, and he vows to uncover the real reasons why his ship was destroyed. We expected this to be a reason to go on an all-out killing spree but, disappointingly, it's not the way events pans out.

The main structure of the game replicates its predecessor. You're thrown into one of five open environments - all urban locations as opposed to the open fields and countryside/suburbs. Icons on a radar point you to Pox, your alien elder (who has a comical but slightly sinister, evil scientist-type British accent), who will give you your mission objectives throughout.

The missions you're given come in two main forms - blow stuff up and kill people, or searchand-find scenarios. The destructive mission types are our favourites; after all, that's what a game called Destroy All Humans! should be all about. It's good simple fun. On foot, Crypto controls with an FPS-style, dual analogue set-up, and you can blast humans with a selection of wacky guns on offer. You can torch people with giant fireballs, zap them with electricity, shoot gut-munching probes up their arses or even bring meteors raining down on anything and everything.

In fact, Crypto doesn't even need guns to cause mayhem because his mental powers are pretty cool too. His PK power is back (like Yoda, using his mind to lift objects, large and small and hurl them through the air) and this time around he can make people dance hysterically, or even hypnotise them into protecting him. It's brilliant when an angry military squad turns up and you use your mind to throw their tanks through the air, make them all dance like hippies and fight against each other.

Even better, DAH! 2 has a split-screen co-op mode, that allows two players to go through the entire single-player game together. The carnage two of you can cause is epic - twice the firepower, twice the destruction. You could use your PK powers to play catch with an unfortunate human, or take on the military in a tag-team.


But our favourite part of the first game is leaping into Crypto's flying saucer and causing mayhem from the skies. With lots of improvements, the ship is even better in the sequel - its phat laser can take out tanks and even buildings in seconds, so you can reduce an entire city to rubble if you so wish. The ship's got a few new gadgets too, including a temporary cloaking device and a drain-ray, which lets you replenish your shields by draining the energy from any vehicle below.

The flight controls are better too - before you could only fly at one altitude, but now you can hover up and down with the right thumb stick. We had loads of fun just blowing stuff up in the ship and messing about with the tractor beam, picking up tanks and throwing them through the air. Our only problem with the ship was that you still can't land anywhere; only on pre-designated landing pads, and they're few and far between. That's ridiculously annoying considering these environments are huge, and you can't drive cars to travel around (not even when you're in a human body), which is stupid. You're forced to trek everywhere on-foot.

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