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Live Arcade: YOUR Most Wanted!

The ten best suggestions from CVG readers about what should come to Xbox Live Arcade next. Are you listening Microsoft?

Last weekend we posted up a massive wishlist from all our friends in our office about the games from yester-year they'd love to see reborn on Xbox Live Arcade.

We could tell we were onto a good thing because the magazine editors actually replied to our emails with some cool suggestions (watch the same feature appear in their mags soon). At the end of it, we asked for your suggestions. Below are our favourites.

  • proudgace: Monkey Island series and lets not forget the first 2 GTA's
  • fustercluck: How about the entire Ultimate Play The Game speccy range? After all it should be easy with Rare being owned by Microsoft.
  • ptechg: Nights Into Dreams, Syndicate Wars and of course Killer Instinct. If we could have em all jazzed up too that would be nice thanks.
  • meterboy: for the love of god release r-type the best side scrolling shooter of all time.
  • dinsfire: Worms Armageddon with Xbox Live online play!
  • FatBoyFonz: Road Rash - with 64 or so players!
  • falloutwarchief: What about Gunstar Heroes!? Gunstar Heroes!
  • nee50n: Match Day 2 - best football game of its time on Spectrum and C64.
  • bobbagoose1: IK+
  • OptimusFrag: One word..... Elite

Be careful what you wish for - it might come true...