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Tony Hawk and Mortal Kombat uppercut XBL

Veteran fighter and Tony Hawk's latest sneak onto Xbox Live

It's a double treat for Xbox Live this morning, as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 roundhouse kicks onto Arcade and a demo of Tony Hawk's Project 8 kickflips online as well.

The Live Arcade version of UMK3 is priced at 800 Microsoft points and features the original arcade game, Xbox Live modes, leaderboards and achievements ranging from the incredibly easy (win one round against a CPU) to the incredibly satisfying (perform a fatality across Xbox Live).

The demo of Tony Hawk's latest, meanwhile, weighs in at 342MB and apparently lets you check out the new 'Nail-the-Trick' mode, which presumably has nothing to do with B&Q.

Look out for our verdict on both titles in the near future.