Xbox COD 3 exclusive to Game in UK

Activision's Xbox 1 games will sell exclusively through GAME in the UK, CVG learns

After recently coughing up a release date for every other platform version of the highly anticipated WWII shooter, poor old Xbox was left out in the cold leaving owners of the big black box crying in a heap. Call Of Duty 3 was shaping up to be the last great game on Microsoft's first-ever console...

But the Xbox release is still on the cards we've learnt, although if you're looking to pick it up this Christmas it might be a good idea to pre-order it. Activision has struck a deal with high street retailer GAME to offload its remaining roster of Xbox games. Stocks of each game will be pretty limited compared to the big brother COD3 release on Xbox 360, we're told.

An Activision spokesman told CVG, "Call Of Duty 3 is a GAME exclusive in the UK, as is Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Xbox too."