Rainbow Six demo infiltrates XBL

360 version of Ubi's latest Clancy shooter now available for sampling - in Europe only...

Microsoft's Xbox Live servers must be feeling the heat this week. No sooner has the dust settled from the arrival of long-awaited Arcade game Lumines Live! and various demos, than a playable demo of Ubisoft's tactical shooter Rainbow Six Vegas makes its way onto the service.

Weighing in at a respectable 477MB, we're reliably informed that the demo lets you shoot through an under-construction casino, tagging terrorists and generally waving the flag for the good old US-of-A.

But unfortunately for you lot over the pond, the demo is not available for download in Canada, Mexico or the USA due to a cover disk deal with the North American Official Xbox Magazine.

Don't worry though - we're sure the hoodlums on our forum will let you know just how brilliant it really is.