New Heroes details

Suda 51 reveals new gameplay and plot details for the Killer-7 inspired Wii shooter

In an interview with Game Informer, Suda 51 revealed new gameplay and plot details regarding Heroes, the psychedelic-looking shooter in development for Wii.

"The hero is Travis Touchdown, and he's a professional killer. There is a sort of killer association where the killers are ranked, and Travis wants to get from the 10th rank to the 1st... Travis will have to kill each of the 10 killers that are ranked higher to become the best killer," Suda explains.

Heroes will be a free-roaming third-person shooter that "takes place in Santa Destroy, a small town on the East Coast of America. The player will be able to move freely in the town and there will be main missions and sub missions. There will be smaller enemies between the boss fights."

Interestingly, the "Light Saber" will be Travis' only weapon, which can be seen in use in the awesome trailer for the game. Players will wave the Wii Remote to perform various slashing moves although Suda explains that "quick cuts", which allow players to kill opponents in one slice, will prevent the player's arm from tiring.

Coming from the minds behind the distinctively stylised Killer 7, we're expecting Heroes to be an innovative and unique shooter with intense action and plenty or hard-hitting violence.