See the Wii Browser in action

First shots of Wii's web browser, game boot-up screens, Mii editing and plenty more inside

When gamers rip their Wii out of the box this December, the console's WiFi-compatible functionality will allow them to surf the internet on their TV, and here are the first shots of it in action.

The simple-looking web browser will be controlled using the Wii Remote's pointer. A panel across the bottom of the screen appears to include back and forward-page buttons, an 'eject' button that presumably exits the browser, and a button with a star on it which we know to be for bookmarks. We're waiting on feedback from Nintendo as to what the other button does.


The browser will be a downloadable option to all Wii owners, and will be free for the first six month, after which users will have to pay a small fee. Just to make it clear, these charges are only applied to web browsing. All of Wii's other online services, including online gaming, will be permanently free.

For your viewing pleasure (and salivating anticipation), we've also included brand new shots of the Mii editing screens and message boards in use, as well as the banners you'll see before booting various Wii game discs, including Zelda, Wii Play and Wii Sports.

December 8 can't come soon enough.