Sony: "sour grapes on behalf of Lik Sang"

PSPs imported for "investigative reasons", says Sony in official statement

After yesterday's news that popular import site Lik Sang had closed sue to several lawsuits from Sony, the PlayStation parent company has issued the following statement to UK trade publication MCV:

"Sony Computer Entertainment successfully sued Pacific Game Technology (Holding) Limited (one of who's company trading names is Lik for infringing our Intellectual Property rights. Lik Sang did not contest this case (ie. they did not turn up and therefore incurred no legal costs). We have been awarded substantial costs against Lik Sang which have not been paid. We would therefore strongly deny that our actions have had anything to do with this website closing (we assume the legal entity is still trading) and would suggest that this release is sour grapes on behalf of Lik Sang which is aimed to belittle Sony Computer Entertainment and the British judicial system that ruled against them."

Lik Sang also revealed the names of several Sony execs, who it claimed had imported PSPs from the site. Sony said, "The purchasing of PSP consoles by SCE employees would be for investigatory purposes. We would also like to express our surprise at a company releasing personal information about its consumers, as this is contrary to data protection principles around the world."

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