Learn how to play Viva Piņata

"Interactive video" shows you how to play Rare's TV tie-in

In what must be the busiest week in a while for Xbox Live, a new "interactive video" Viva Piņata has appeared on Xbox Live.

In the video - which comes in at a sizable 755MB - characters from the tie-in television series "show you the ins and outs of the Viva Piņata video game", which is useful because we didn't have the faintest clue the last time we played it.

For more info on 'Piņata you can check out our recent interview with Rare's Gregg Mayles and Justin Cook, or simply skim-over our initial hands-on impressions for a run-down of Rare's bizarre gardening antics. It's a bit like Aminal Crossing really.

Viva Piņata is penned to be in the shops on December 1.