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Madden NFL 07

EA's sports sim series maintains its position as the best NFL game about

This latest Madden patch updates the game to version 07, changing various things that were wrong with the 06 version. For example, all of the EATrax (sic) turned out to be made by crappy short-lived American teen rock bands. These have been replaced with more up-to-date crappy short-lived American teen rock bands, and some Keane, just so everybody's aware that EA still have lots of money.

Also, the '06' which appeared in several places throughout the game has been replaced with an '07', and a few players have swapped places in the rosters. Oh, new guy on the box too.


Besides the standard updates, Madden NFL 07 adds some standard new features to the football itself, not least of which are the lead blocking controls, allowing you to make blocks before switching back to the ball-carrier. Also added is the defensive-commit, which allows you to focus your defence on a certain position to counter a predictable offence.

Further attempts to map analogue pad controls to keyboard and mouse have also been made, which only serve to confuse, so stick with a gamepad.

While Madden retains its position as the best NFL game about, and continues to present itself excellently, this update isn't monumental. It's merely the bacon topping on an already bulging turducken. That's turkey, duck and chicken.

The verdict

Predictable Touchdown

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