Joysticks: Mario back on top

New Super Mario Bros. takes Nintendo Game of the Year award

It seems Nintendo's "He's is Back!" slogan used in the game's TV commercials couldn't have been truer

Mario fans have been calling out for the mascot to return to his 2D platforming roots to follow up on the legendary Super Mario World on the Super NES, and when New Super Mario Bros. landed on DS, it was destined to do well.

We thought the game was a tad on the easy side but then, so did everyone who had previously tackled the hellish, cannon-filled airships in SMB.3 or swooped their way to the secret exit on Cheese Bridge. But for the mainstream, its innovative two-screen platforming was perfect, and its nods to the old games make it retro cool.

Luckily, you won't have to wait another 15 years for more 2D Mario action because Super Paper Mario is on its way to Wii and, although it's some way off yet, it's looking brilliant.