Red Steel multiplayer footage

New split screen trailer demonstrates the unique mission-driven multiplayer mode

Swing your eager over to that little thumbnail on the right to see the latest Red Steel trailer, which shows off the game's four-player modes including an insight into how the innovative 'Killer' mode will work.

As well as the usual deathmatch mode, Red Steel will feature a Killer mode that will have players individually receiving mission objectives from the speaker in their Wii Remote.

About half way through the trailer, one of the Remotes bleeps and then says: "you are the target". Obviously, that player then has to try to stay alive for as long as they can whilst the other three players try desperately to be the one that gets the kill.

You will also see the four players performing over-exaggerated diving manoeuvres on the sofa, and hiding behind bits of furniture in the room. If any of that were actually necessary we wouldn't have the energy to play the game for more than five minutes. Rest assured, lazy gamers, that when you eventually play the game the controls are so sensitive that you'll barely even need to move your wrists.

Red Steel will have players shooting and slicing their way through the streets of Tokyo from December 8.